Friday, January 31, 2014

A Disrupter

I still laugh with satisfaction as I recall a former co-worker saying to me, (in affection) "I think you like being a thorn in my life."  My reply was, "what if I was sent to be that thorn for you?"

I didn't always grasp that this passion to disrupt the norm was part of my internal character - and that it is a good thing!  I've always been inquisitive, asking lots of questions, trying to grasp what is in place and pondering, asking does what I see match what my heart tells me is reality. 

I learned something about myself yesterday - yet again!  As a child I was in touch with that ability to see beyond what is in front of me; and it was too difficult for me to handle.  My passion, and ability to disrupt the norm was silenced as a result.

The atmosphere around me when I was growing up presented one way; but the reality was different.  It appeared to be an encouraging and supporting atmosphere.  It appeared to be a safe place.  It appeared to be a place in which I could succeed and become.  But my heart knew differently. The reallity was different. And I knew it deep inside. The awareness that what was being seen wasn't my reality was too much for my heart to manage.  So I made a decision as a child to allow my mind to agree with what I saw - and ignore what I sensed was my reality.  It worked while I was a child; it helped me silence the anguish and fear of living in an emotionally unsafe atmosphere.

But it is hurting me now.

My mind and my faith are in battle. My faith tells me that my circumstances, or what I see, is not the reality God has in place for me.  My mind, because of a power of agreement I set in place as a child, accepts what I see and tries to figure out how to manage it.  That cripples my ability to disrupt the norm! And that ability is core, God given and a necessary part of my assignment to shift the presence and impact of sex abuse in our world.

So today, I am shifting my power of agreement with my mind!  I'm deciding that my mind will no longer stand as a protective defense against what I know as reality.

I am a disrupter!  I'm equipped to disagree with what I see and bring forth reality
Wow - more of my authentic identity released!  That is RESTORATION!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stay on the Path

Yesterday I took down the Christmas tree and "officially" closed the holiday season in my home.  I now face January; the start of 2014.  I'm standing at the head of a path, peering down into a new year and wondering.

Before me I see possibility and challenges. Sometimes more challenges than possibility!  I have a choice to make:  Do I focus on that looming challenging mountain, or do I look through the mountain to embrace and push through to reach the possibility?  Can I muster what it will take to overcome?  Where do I find the strength and hope needed to get through the obstacles I will face? 

And the answer resonates within my heart:  In my authentic identity!

I was created with a deep determination and an "I won't stop" attitude.  I also was created with a heart for God and a connection to His leading.  I determine today to tap into those aspects of my identity. That will give me what I need to stay on the path in 2014!

Join me in entering 2014 and keep in mind these things:
1.  Who you were created to be is exactly what you need to maneuver through what lies ahead.
2.  Don't let the obstacles ahead draw you off the path of your destiny!  Stand your ground.  Fight for it! Whatever is on your path is yours to overcome!  In overcoming you develop the key to open the next door to destiny.
3.  Don't settle and rest in the negative oppression of what you know or experience.  You were created for more and have what it takes to move into the new!  Your inheritance is secured on the path.
4.  When faced with a crossroad, be still, recalculate, look at the consequences and rewards at the junction.  Contemplate, reflect and choose with wisdom and strength.  Then you can move forward in confidence.

I will journey with you!  Stay connected! 
Happy New Year - Stay on the Path!