Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Carrying Burdens

This picture moves me! A picture like this flooded my awareness as I listened to a group of victims of sex abuse talk about the burdens they were carrying. I could see all these aspects:
  • I see burdens placed on the victim of sex abuse, tied on so he (thinks) he can't shake them loose. 
  • I see weariness and resignation in the donkey's (victim's) face. 
  • I see the person who tied on the burden leading him with the full expectation that the donkey (victim) carry the heavy load.
That reality troubles me!  How many of us are like that donkey?

I responded with a profound sense of sadness when I heard their burdens.  Sadness for what they have experienced; but even more a sadness that they are afraid to untie the burden and leave it in the dust.  For unlike the donkey, you have a choice!  You can say, hell no, I'm not carrying it!

The conversation has caused me to take a deep look at why's? 
  • Why is it that the desire and determination to be free is not as big as the fear of being without the burden? 
  • Why do we hide behind fear?  Because we do - we use fear as a reason for not progressing.
  • Why do we we think we need the burdens?  If I won't let go of it, it is meeting a need.
I wonder if it all doesn't boil down to being unwilling.  Unwilling to take the risk; or take responsibility for our own behaviors, yes, even those behaviors that are an adaptation to trauma. And how do we shift this - how do we nurture and develop a willing spirit?