Friday, August 17, 2012


Okay, so I can't manage to do this every week, here is my latest TGIF
T - Telling myself I'm grateful for the journey
G -Using my gift of listening
I - Internalizing the joy of "being" that I feel
F - Feeling full of possibilities

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Restoration = multiplication

This morning I heard the statement that "Restoration is linked to multiplication."  Made me wonder, how does our Restoration Paradigm bring about multiplication?  I asked the question in two arenas.

First, how does Restoration in someone's life bring about multiplication (or increase)? And I knew the answer the minute I pondered the question.  Restoration is about reconnecting to authentic, created identity.  In that identity is the provision of all we need to live life with power and influence.  As we live out of who we were created to be and not what others say we are, God's purpose and presence is multiplied in the earth. 

Second, if restoration is linked with multiplication, why is it that our Restoration Paradigm and materials are slow to be embraced and we haven't experienced increase?  I'm baffled; why is it that when new technology is introduced, everyone runs to it - they don't question "outcomes" or "best practices" or even how much effort will it take to use this new gadget? Our Restoration materials are challenged by all those questions. Why? Perhaps the enemy who seeks to keep us all separated from our power in identity would seek to keep us from embracing the process that takes us there. Restoration is a core aspect of God's character. We will overcome and we will experience increase!