Sunday, January 23, 2011

If I can face it, God can fix it.

Today at church I heard this statement, "If I can face it, God can fix it."  That statement resonated inside and produced both encouragement and freedom for me.   It spoke of another core element of restoration: willingness.  I'm not sure why it is that we shy away from acknowledging the hurts of our lives.  I do know that when we do so, we empower the infection from untended wounds to design our approach to life. 

In contrast, being willing to face the realities of our situations and histories empowers God to bring His truth and restoring presence to direct our approach to life. I see this picture:  You've had your back turned to your reality.  You've not wanted to know because you're not up to doing what is necessary in the moment to manage it.  You've not wanted to know because you're not sure you have what it takes to dismantle it and make a shift in your life.  That is truth - you may not have what it takes.  However, when you, with the Holy Spirit inside, turn and face it, the Spirit kicks in and teaches, comforts and provides the  strength to do what is necessary to fix it.  You are only required to turn and face it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reality or Truth

Remember those funny mirrors at carnivals that make you look out of focus or squatty?  Your proportions are distorted and it looks as if you are changed.  The reality you see in the mirror says something different from the truth that you know.  Which do you accept and walk in?

Okay, that's a simplistic and easy example of the difference between reality and truth; and it's easy to choose which one to believe.  It isn't that simple when you're trying to make sense of the life you're living.  My reality, (or the things that are happening, the things that just are) screams to me saying, "you aren't going to make it", or "this isn't going to work". The truth, (or the authentic, right and accurate information) says, "this is a process", "you're taking great steps" "you are different today than last month".  Which do I walk in, the reality of what is happening, or the truth of what I know to be true?

Tricky stuff to discern sometimes.  Especially when the reality of sex abuse distorts your truth about yourself and your world.  What do I mean?  Here's an example: The reality is that when you were little, a family member would creep into your room and molest you.  Out of that reality, you came to believe that you are an object and your purpose is to please others.  You need to know that reality -the reality that you were molested and now you believe you're an object - because acknowledging your reality then lends itself to exploring the truth within that reality.

The truth within that reality is:  You were molested, and felt like you were an object.  The truth is that you aren't an object, you were treated like an object.  The truth is that you are a person with value who was devastated by sex abuse and you are more than an object to please others. See what I mean?  Finding the truth within your reality helps put distortions in perspective.

Making our way through the realities in our lives demands that we "recognize" what is happening and take "responsibility" for finding the truth in it and choose to live out of the truth!  The truth provides power and freedom!

This distinction is a core element of restoration. Identify the truth within your reality and the power to reconnect to authentic identity becomes yours!  You can do it!