Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Being a thorn - Go Beyond Prevention

I remember with fondness the time someone looked at me, and with joking respect said, "You like being a thorn, don't you?"  Apparently my critical thinking skills are highly developed because I seem to regularly challenge the norms.  And I do like it!  Guess it is part of how I was made.

It's interesting to me that critical thinking that leads to creativity is not challenged when it comes to technology and new inventions, but is challenged when it comes to personal beliefs and mental health issues. I know that life seems easier and often safer when we settle into a way of thinking and behaving.  It is soooo very difficult to experience the uneasiness that happens when something we held onto for meaning and safety is questioned.  I get it! 

My latest "new thinking" is to question the word prevention, and how that word has actually created an "acceptance" of the presence of sex abuse.  Here's my thinking:  prevention says, "this horror is present in our community, but we are going to try and keep it from touching you."   When I thought that through, I became uncomfortable with the norm.  I'm moving from prevention to annihilation.

So, I'm working to gather a core group of people to help me wrestle that through and develop a Zero Tolerance Initiative.  I find it challenging and exciting. We can do so much more!