Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Power of Voice

Make no mistake about it - your voice and what you do with it has power to create or destroy.  Your voice has the power to agree with evil by being silent.  Or your voice has the power to take down evil by challenging denial and speaking truth. 

Upon writing those words my spirit echoes a "Yes! - Speak truth!"  And then my heart whispers, "remember the cost you've paid".  And so I pause to reflect - is there a time and place in which I shouldn't give voice to truth?  Is there a time and place in which being silent is the better thing? 

Perhaps yes.  But not when it comes to challenging the cultural mindsets and cultural complacency about the violence of sex abuse.  The crime of sex abuse continues because we have been silent about it's presence and the reality of how it impacts ALL of us.  Our compliant silence allows the social norms that perpetuate sexual violence to continue. And the molester of our children counts on that silence.

The restoration process results in reconnecting to the strength of using the personal power of your voice.  Your voice can break the power of agreement that silence puts in place.  Your voice can create space for your emergence into your authentic identity.  Why would anyone choose silence with that much power available?