Friday, July 13, 2012


We have just concluded a six week class introducing the elements of restoration - it was an awesome group!  The elements (recognize, responsibility, internalize, power of agreement) provide a framework all of us can use to make sense of our realities.  I use it in my life!

Every Friady I will post a TGIF - and give you a taste of the self awareness in restoration. Self awareness is power.  You too can adopt this thinking! Every Friday review the week and get ready for the next by checking in with yourself  - TGIF!

T - What am I telling myself  - I'm so glad I'm on the downside of life.  This week I'm challenged by the realities of the work I do, the responses I get, the shifts in our country and the strength it requires to keep on doing it all. 

G - What gift am I using - Compassion.  In light of my inner voice, I'm deciding to have compassion towards me. Hmmmm, get a good fiction book, curl up in the lounge chair and escape.

I - What am I internalizing? - I've got what it takes. No matter what happens to me, I can figure out my next steps.  Even if I make a mistake, I'll be okay.  Even if it doesn't turn out the way I hope, I'll be okay.

F - What am I feeling? - I'm feeling exhausted but hopeful. I've been here before, I will keep on doing what I need to do and I will ge there!

Happy Friday! - Post your TGIF'S - I'd love to hear them.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't turn away!

As horrific as it was to hear the trial coverage of Sandusky, it was so very important for us all to be awakened.  Now I fear that because the senstional reports are over, we will quickly turn our eyes and ears away from the topic once again. 

We can not let that happen!

Why?  Because today another child is being groomed. Today another child is being sexually assaulted. Today another child does not have the voice or power to make the sexual assault stop.

Today someone calls Connections and feels remorse, wishing they had told.  Today someone carries guilt because they believe that if they had told, maybe the perpetrator's next victim would have been saved. (Probably not true. Even when someone sees or knows - like in the trial - we don't usually respond well.)

Today someone wrestles with shame, re-activated by the Sandusky trial.  Today someone takes a drink or does drugs trying to silence the pain.  Today someone wonders about their value.  Today someone hides the confusion they experience in relationships.  Today someone asks, "who am I really?"

Don't turn away.  Don't put this new awareness behind you.