Thursday, May 24, 2012

We've landed safely!

When the prayer warriorI had just met looked at me and said, "you need to know them and they need to know you", and added, "if you're bold enough, go and introduce yourself", I knew it was the next step. Since I've never been accused of being reserved, (ha!) I went. (This conversation was actually just two days after I wrote my last post.)

Gladstone is a community of young people dedicated to living an Acts 2 life.  Turns out they are in my area!  I don't know all the details yet of how it works.  I do know they have agreed to live in community, sharing resources and impacting the area around them. I walked up to the house, sat on the porch and joined in the conversations of these young people.  I was welcomed, included and felt at home.

The next morning I received an email inviting me to use their meeting space to host our Connections restoration group!  I was stunned!  I was humbled, and I was so grateful!  I didn't have to ask. There was no "screening", no hesitation, just a heartfelt welcome and sharing of resources! 

This week we held our first group there.  Two community members met us at the door, welcomed us, invited us to enjoy the chocolate treats they left for us, then disappeared to allow us to meet. Our group settled in, resting in the acceptance offered and marveling at the beauty of the space.  My eyes tear up in gratitude as I write this several days later.


We moved out of our old space in obedience and freedom.  We stepped into a place of grace and beauty with hope and provision!  How awesome is this journey of restoration and freedom.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Freedom to Move and Be

Today I understood at even a deeper level, the amount of freedom I experience in my life!  And how grateful I am for the journey that has brought me to this place of freedom!

The location of Connections, (the not-for-profit agency I lead for victims of sex abuse), is being re-arranged. The open bed truck I was driving was loaded with sofas and various pieces of the life of Connections as it was lived on Eden Avenue.  I couldn't see out the rear view mirror, and in the side mirror I could see one of our chairs, tied in, but leaning precariously over the edge.  Actually, I think I was pretty comical looking as my flashers warned other drivers to give me lots of space.

The truth:  it's a stressful time for me!  It appears by the circumstances I face that my life's mission of assisting victim's of sex abuse to restore to authentic identity is severely crippled.  It appears by the circumstances I face that the possibility of defeating the presence of sex abuse in our culture is over.  I'm packing up the materials and the memories and crying.  I'm sorting the furniture, selling some, giving some away, and wondering what is happening and what happens next.

And yet I'm doing this all with FREEDOM!   When I saw the furniture loaded on the truck and knew that I didn't know where Connections will settle; I still knew it was the correct and obedient thing to do. I've loaded up the truck, not knowing where I'm heading next, but knowing the God I'm following and WOW, I knew I was living in Freedom! How many people have the freedom to pull up roots, and just go - trusting! What joy!  What excitement!  WHAT FREEDOM! Love you Jesus.